Microbiology MCQ’s with answers – part 2

This sets of MCQ's includes microbiology questions for preparing GPAT and other medical examinations....

SET 1 of Microbiology MCQ’s

  1. Mycology is the study of ……
    a) Bacteria
    b) Algae
    c) Fungi
    d) Virus

Answer:-c) Fungi

  1. Methyi red test is for production of
    a) indole
    b) Acid
    c) Citrate
    d) Acetoin 

Answer:-b) Acid

  1. Idophor antiseptic is 
    a) Peridex
    b) Betadine
    c) Hi Phene
    d) Ioprep

Answer:-b) Betadine

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  1. ULPA is used to remove particle size
    a) 0.03 pm
    b) 0.12 um
    c) 0.21 um
    d) 0.3 um 

Answer:-b) 0.12 um

  1. Phycology is the study of ……
    a) Algae
    b) Fungi
    c) Molds
    d) Protozoa 

Answer:-a) Algae

  1. Bad odour of vegetables is due to 
    a) Clostridium
    b) Pseudomonas
    c) Peroxidases
    d) Rhizopus 

Answer:-a) Clostridium

  1. Reagent used for indole test
    a) Alpha naphtho!
    b) Methyl red
    c) Kovac reagent
    d) KOH 

Answer:-c) Kovac reagent

  1. MIC is determined in 
    a) Dextrose medium
    b) Hinton Agar medium
    c) Mueller Hinton Agar medium
    d) B-5 medium 

Answer:-c) Mueller Hinton Agar medium

  1. In vertical Laminar flow cabinet, air leave the working area via. 
    a) HEPA filter
    b) Holes from the top
    c) Holes in the base
    d) None of these 

Answer:-c) Holes in the base

  1. Proteolysis of milk is caused by
    a) Enterococci
    b) Serratia
    c) E.coli
    d) Streptococcus 

Answer:-b) Serratia

SET 2 of Microbiology MCQ’s

  1. CFU stands for ……
    a) cell forming unit
    b) colony forming unit
    c) cells per feet unit
    d) colony per feet unit

Answer:-b) colony forming unit

  1. Alpha naphthol and KOH is used for 

a) Voges-Proskauer test
b) Indole test
c)  Citrate test
d) Methyl red test

Answer:-a) Voges-Proskauer test

  1. Type of Laminar flow Hoods used for protection from fumes and gases 
    a) Class-1
    b) Class-II
    c) Class-III
    d) Class-IV

Answer:-b) Class-II

  1. Serratia marcescens is the causative organism for fish spoilage of …..
    a) Blue colour
    b) Green colour
    c) Red spot
    d) Silver spot 

Answer:-c) Red spot

  1. Axonema is also known as …..
    a) Cell wall
    b) Bulk filament
    c) Pili
    d) Spinae 

Answer:-b) Bulk filament

  1. Alpha naphthol is also known as 
    a) Kovac reagent
    b) Barritt's A reagent 
    c) Barritt's B Breagent
    d) Van Ark's reagent 

Answer:-b) Barritt's A reagent 

  1. Ditch test is used for
    a) Bacteriostatic
    b) Bactericidal
    c) Both of these
    d) None of these 

Answer:-a) Bacteriostatic

  1. Sulfide spoilage in canned food is due to ……
    a) Bacillus
    b) Penicillium
    c) Desulfotomaculum
    d) Mucor 

Answer:-c) Desulfotomaculum

  1. Teichoic acid is absent in
    a) Gram positive bacteria
    b) Gram negative bacteria
    c) Acid fast bacteria
    d) Both gram positive and gram negative 

Answer:-b) Gram negative bacteria

  1. Bromothymol blue indicator is used for
    a) Citrate
    b) Indole 
    c) Acetoin
    d) Acid 

Answer:-a) Citrate

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