Mcq on the Alkoloids part-1

Pharmacognosy - Alkoloids

SET 1 :- Mcq on the Alkoloids 

1) Tropane ring is the composed of 
a) imidazole and pyridine ring
b) Pyrrolidine and Piperidine ring
c) Pyrolidine and Piperidine ring
d) Imidazole and indole ring

Ans:- B 

2) Which of the alkaloids are liquid and volatile in nature? 
a) nicotine and coniine 
b) Morphine and papavarine 
c) Atropine and quinine 
d) none of these

Ans:- A

3) Indian colchicum is-
a) colchicum autumnale 
b) colchicum luteum
c) colchicum album 
d) colchicum secundum

Ans:- B

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4) Wager's reagent contains 
a) iodine + KI water 
b) KI + Bismuth iodine  
d) Mercuric chloride + potassium iodide KI in water

Ans :- A

5) Dragendroff's Contains 
a) iodine + KI water 
b) KI + Bismuth iodine  
c) iodine 
d) Mercuric chloride + potassium iodide KI in water

Ans:- B

6 ) opium belongs to the chemical class of
a)indole alkaloids 
b)quinoline alkaloids 
c)isoquinoline alkaloids   
d)tropane alkaloids

Ans :- C

7) The amount of alkaloids present in Rauwolfia ranges between
b) 5-2% 

Ans:- C

SET 2 :- Mcq on the Alkoloids 

8) Ergot is produced during 
a) Honeydew stage 
b) Sclerotium stage 
c) Ascospore 
d) Sphacelia stage 

Ans:- B

9) The shape of ergot is 
a) Broken
b) Cured
c) Fusiform
d) Cylindrical 

Ans :- C

10) Opium belongs to the chemical class of 
a) Indole alkaloids
b)Quinoline alkaloids 
c) isoquinoline alkaloids 
d) Tropane alkaloids

Ans:- C

11) Brick shaped cake of opium is made in which of the following country
a) Yugoslavia 
b) Bulgaria 
c) Macedonia 
d) Persia 

Ans:- D

12) Pseudoparenchyma is found in
c) Brahmi
d) Jalap


13) Eugenol on oxidation gives
a) Acetyl eugenol 
b) Caryophyllenes 
c) Vanillin 
d) Cineole 

Ans:- C

14) Atropa belladonna contain____type of calcium oxalate crystal 
a) Prism
b) Microsphenoid
c) Clusters 
d) None 


15) Belladonna herb belongs to the chemical class of
a) Tropane alkaloids
b) Indole alkaloids 
c) Quinidine alkaloids 
d) Alkaloidal amines 

Ans:- A


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