Microbiology MCQ's with answers - part 1

This sets of MCQ's contains microbiology with answers for preparing GPAT and other your all medical exams for free...

SET 1 of Microbiology MCQ's

  1. Give the example of multicellular organisms.
    a) Coccus
    b) Spirillia
    c) Fungi
    d) Virus

Answer:-c) Fungi

  1. In acid fast staining the counter stain is
    a) Methylene blue
    b) Alcohol
    c) Crystal violet 
    d) Carbol Fuchsin

Answer:-a) Methylene blue

  1. Pore size of membrane filter is
    a) 0.45 micron
    b) 0.54 micron
    c) 0.35 micron
    d) 0.25 micron 

Answer:-a) 0.45 micron

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  1. PVC is used as
    a) Non-flexing material
    b) Flexing material
    c) Both
    d) None of these

Answer:-b) Flexing material

  1. Musty flavor of bread is due to
    a) Ethanol
    b) Acetoin 
    c) Trichloroanisol
    d) Trimethylamine 

Answer:-c) Trichloroanisol

  1. Give one example of acellular organism.
    a) Prion
    b) Cyanobacteria
    c) Protozoa
    d) Coccus

Answer:-a) Prion

  1. In acid fast staining, the primary dye is
    (a) Methylene blue
    (b) Alcohol
    c) Crystal violet
    d) Carbol Fuchsin 

Answer:-d) Carbol Fuchsin 

  1. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 10 minutes is used as ……
    a)  High level disinfectant
    b) Intermediate disinfectant
    c) Low level disinfectant
    d) None of these 

Answer:-c) Low level disinfectant

  1. Disinfectant used in aseptic room is ……
    a) Sodium hypochloride
    b) Sulphuric acid
    c) Nitric acid
    d) None of these 

Answer:-a) Sodium hypochloride

  1. Garlic flavor of fish is due to
    a) Ethanol
    b) Dimethyltrisulphide
    c) Acetoin
    d) Lactic acid

Answer:-b) Dimethyltrisulphide

SET 2 of Microbiology MCQ's

  1. Germs are discovered by ……
    a) Robert Hooke
    b) Roger Bacon
    c) Aristotle
    d) Fracastorius

Answer:-d) Fracastorius

  1. Example of acid fast bacteria 
    a) Straphyllococcus aureus
    b) E.coli
    c) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    d) Salmonella typhi 

Answer:-c) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  1. Mechanism of action of Glutaraldehyde as disinfectant is …… 
    a) DNA strand breakage
    b) cross linking of protein
    c) membrane leakage
    d) membrane damage 

Answer:-b) cross linking of protein

  1. Example of skin disinfectant is ……
    a) Chlorhexidine in sulphuric acid
    b) Chlorhexidine in ethanol
    c) Quats in ethanol
    d) Quats in sulphuric acid 

Answer:-b) Chlorhexidine in ethanol

  1. Hydrolytic rancidity of milk is due to 
    a) Lipase
    b) Proteases
    c) Peroxidases
    d) Thiaminase 

Answer:-a) Lipase

  1. Leprosy bacillus discovered by
    a) Emile Roux
    b) Joseph Hansen
    c) Alexander
    d) Good Pasteur

Answer:-b) Joseph Hansen

  1. IMVIC test is carried out for …… 
    a) Cocci
    b) Algae
    c) Enterobacteria
    d) Protozoa 

Answer:-c) Enterobacteria

  1. Mechanism of action of phenol is
    a) DNA strand breakage
    b) cross linking of protein
    c) membrane leakage
    d) membrane damage 

Answer:-c) membrane leakage

  1. Dust particle removed by HEPA filter is ……
    a) 0.5 um
    b) 0.2 um
    c) 0.03 um
    d) 0.3 um 

Answer:-d) 0.3 um 

  1. Thiamine destruction of meat is due to
    a) Lipase
    b) Proteases
    c) Peroxidases
    d) Thiaminase 

Answer:-d) 0.3 um 

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