practics mcq for Pharmacology

Practics mcq on the topic of Pharmacology

SET-1 :- Practics mcq on the Pharmacology  

1) Antipsychotic drug which do not show antiemetic action

Answer:- c)Thioridazine

2)Selective Reversible MAO-A inhibitor

Answer:- c)Isocarboxazide

3)Longest acting antipsychotic


4)Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

Answer:- c)Citalopram

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5) DOC for absence seizure in young children
a. Valproate
b. Phenytoin
c. Ethosuximide
d. Carbamzapine

Answer:- c. Ethosuximide

6)All of the following drugs acts by inhibiting sodium current, except
a. Phenytoin
b. Benzodiazepine
c. Topiramate
d. Lacosamide

Answer:- b. Benzodiazepine

7) Antiepileptic drug for febrile seizure
a. Vigabatrin
b. Diazepam
c. Tiagabine
d. Lorazepam

Answer:-b. Diazepam

8)Neural tube defect is associated with
a. Aspirin
b. Phenytoin
c. Valproate
d. Barbiturate

Answer:-c. Valproate

9)Gingival Hyperplasia associated with
 a. Aspirin
  b. Phenytoin
  c. Valproate
  d. Barbiturate

Answer:- b. Phenytoin

10)Dopamine facilatator
   a. Levodopa
   b. Carbidopa
   c. Amantadine
   d. Selegiline

Answer:- c. Amantadine

SET-2 :- Practics mcq on the Pharmacology  

11)Centrally acting COMT inhibitor
  a. Entacapone
  b. Carbidooa
  c. Tolcapone
  d. Rasagiline

Answer:- c. Tolcapone

12) In parkinson their is decrease in dopamine level in
  a. Medulla
  b. Substantial niagra
  c. Diencephelon
  d. None

Answer:- b. Substantial niagra

13)Benzodiazepine which is skeletal muscle relaxant
  a. Clorazepam
  b. Diazepam
  c. Lorazepam
  d. Flurazepam

Answer:- b. Diazepam

14) DOC in GTCS
  a. Valproate
  b. Ethosuximide
  c. Carbamzapine
  d. Phenytoin

Answer:- c. Carbamzapine

15)Saclofen is
  a. GABAA agonist
  b. GABAA antagonist
  c. GABAB agonist
  d. GABAB antagonist

Answer:- d. GABAB antagonist

16)Antidote for Benzodiazepine
  a. Folic acid
  b. Flumazenil
  c. Folinic acid
  d. All of the above

Answer:- b. Flumazenil

17) All are atypical antipsychotic except
  a. Clozapine
  b. Olanzapine
  c. Loxapine
  d. Zotepine

Answer:- c. Loxapine

18) DOC for acute opioid poisoning
  a. Naltrexone
  b. Naloxone
  c. Naldemedine
  d. All

Answer:- b. Naloxone

19)Which of the following is not metabolized by liver
  a. Flunitrazepam
  b. Diazepam
  c. Oxazepam
  d. Nitrazepam

Answer:- c. Oxazepam

20)Shortest acting BZDs
  a. Alprazolam
  b. Flurazepam
  c. Diazepam
  d. Midazolam

Answer:- d. Midazolam

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